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Autocut Roll Towel Dispenser

Our Autocut dispensers are tailored to deliver single sheet dispensing, and one fill will hold up to 900 sheets.

Our Autocut dispenser has a hygienic seamless one-piece cover and self-presenting sheets, making them easier to clean and removing a touch point.

We also focus on reducing wastage and unnecessary usage, which turns into savings for our consumers.

We take as much pride in the style, economics and ergonomics of our dispensers as we do the
consumables that fill them. All FIG Autocut Towel rolls fit all FIG Autocut Dispensers. They’re easy to fill and come with the options of push button or lock – so you can ensure your rolls are secure in situ.
The White ABS dispenser has Antibacterial Protection built-in to the outer casing as standard – so any germs or bacteria that make their way onto its surface are eliminated by microscopic IONs (the science will follow shortly).

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Suitable for use with: FIG905B, FIG905RW & FIG905RB

Product codes - FIG1905W (White ABS), FIG1905B (Black ABS), FIG1905S (Stainless Steel)
Product description - Autocut roll towel dispenser
Dispenser material - ABS or Stainless Steel
Dispenser capacity - Up to 900 sheets
Dispenser dimensions - 360 x 300 x 219 mm
Dispenser weight - 2.7 kg/ABS, 4.8 kg/SS
Case quantity - 4 pcs
Case dimensions - 477 x 630 x 387 mm
Case weight - 11.2 kg/ABS, 19.6 kg/SS
UK Pallet - 1000 x 1200 x 2040 mm
Quantity per layer - 6 cases/24 pcs
Quantity per pallet  -18 cases/72 pcs
Weight per pallet - 217 kg/ABS, 368 kg/SS (including 15 kg pallet)
Euro pallet - 800 x 1200 x 2040 mm
Quantity per layer - 3 cases/12 pcs
Quantity per pallet - 9 cases/36 pcs
Weight per pallet - 125 kg/ABS, 200 kg/SS (including 24 kg pallet)


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