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Compact Hand Towels Bamboo

Long and strong bamboo fibres have great wet strength, great drying capability, and the added benefit of natural anti-bacterial properties. Their compact nature means that a case holds up to 4,200 sheets!
They take up far less storage space.

Our compact hand towels are the slimmest on the market! DDA compliant, sleek and beautiful with cost-saving benefits!
Our Compact Hand Towels Economise Habits of users – meaning less usage and less wastage. And, on the subject of saving money, they come designed for single sheet dispensing to reduce unnecessary usage too.
They come in 3 varieties: Sustainable Bamboo, Recycled and Virgin towel. They all come wrapped in paper sleeves – zero plastic packaging – reducing their impact on the environment.

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Suitable for use in: 1904W, 1904B, 1904S & 1904G

Product code - FIG904B
Product description - FIG Bamboo compact hand towel
Sheet thickness - 40 gsm 2-ply (20 gsm/ply)
Sheet material - Bamboo & mixed fibres
Sleeve quantity - 140 sheets
Case quantity - 4,200 sheets (30 sleeves)
Case dimensions - 313 x 398 x 370 mm
Case weight - 7.4 kg
UK Pallet - 1000 x 1200 x 2000 mm
Quantity per layer - 9 cases
Quantity per pallet - 45 cases
Weight per pallet - 348 kg (including 15 kg pallet)
Euro pallet - 800 x 1200 x 2000 mm
Quantity per layer - 6 cases
Quantity per pallet - 30 cases
Weight per pallet - 246 kg (including 24 kg pallet


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