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Manual Foam Soap Dispenser

Our Manual soap and sanitiser dispenser has the highest capacity on the market, one cartridge holds up to 4,000 doses. You can Economise Habits with our variable dosage capability.

To reduce wastage further, the pumps are reusable too!
The Manual Soap/Sanitiser Dispensers have a one-piece cover, making them easy to keep clean with no joins to gather germs and bacteria. The White ABS option also offers Antibacterial Protection impregnated into the cover to really stamp out those washroom germs! The ergonomic design of our dispensers fits any of our hand soap or sanitiser cartridges and comes with both lockable and push button options.

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Suitable for use with: FIG901C, FIG901A & FIG901S

Product code - FIG1901W (White ABS), FIG1901B (Black ABS), FIG1901S (Stainless Steel)
Product description - Manual soap/sanitiser dispenser
Dispenser material - ABS or Stainless Steel
Dispenser capacity - Up to 4,000 doses
Dispenser dimensions - 260 x 134 x 118 mm
Dispenser weight - 0.7 kg/ABS, 1.2 kg/SS
Case quantity - 6 pcs
Case dimensions - 307 x 390 x 285 mm
Case weight - 4.4 kg/ABS, 7.4 kg/SS
UK Pallet - 1000 x 1200 x 2145 mm
Quantity per layer - 9 cases/54 pcs
Quantity per pallet - 63 cases/378 pcs
Weight per pallet - 290 kg/ABS, 481 kg/SS (including 15 kg pallet)
Euro pallet - 800 x 1200 x 2145 mm
Quantity per layer - 6 cases/36 pcs
Quantity per pallet - 42 cases/252 pcs
Weight per pallet - 207 kg/ABS, 335 kg/SS (including 24 kg pallet)


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